(Video) "Some of the Nigerians are runaway jailbreakers" - NIDCOM chairman breaks silence

The chairman of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), Abike Dabiri-Erewa, has reacted to the trending video, showing how Nigerians are being maltreated and harassed in Ghana.

After the video went viral, Nigerians began to call out Abike, to come to the aid of the Nigerians in Ghana. Taking to her Twitter page, she says, some of those Nigerians are indeed criminals who ran away from prison - jailbreak.

She wrote: "The Nigerian mission in Ghana is dealing with the matter. Some prisoners who allegedly escaped from a jail break here in Nigeria have been allegedly found escaping to Ghana during this period .through illegal means. The Nigerian mission has been engaging the Ghanaian authorities.

"The Nigerian mission in Ghana will ensure that innocent Nigerians will not suffer for something they know nothing about while those guilty will face the law as we await updates from the mission.

A video has been circulating on Nigerians attested at a border in Ghana. The Nigerian mission has been engaging the Ghanaian authorities to resolve the matter , after reports of alleged escapees from a jail break in Nigeria were allegedly found trying to cross into Ghana."

Video below:

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