(PHOTOS) Meet the owner of Greenfield University, Engineer Simon Nwakacha

Chief and Engineer Simon Nwakacha, is an indigene of Umueri, in Anambra state. He's the founder or owner of the famous and the recently most attacked university in Nigeria, Greenfield University. 

Why Greenfield University suddenly became the most attacked citadel is still unknown to many Nigerians, students and staff of the great school. Most Nigerians are saying it's because the school is owned by an Igbo man, hence, the attacks from Kidnappers and other terrorist groups. 

A few days ago, five (5) students out of the kidnapped students were killed by a terrorist group. Yesterday, another threat was sent to the school, which is currently causing stirs on social media amongst Nigerians. 

The kidnappers have set today as the deadline to pay 100m ransom or they’ll kill 17 students.

Photos below:

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