(Video) Toyin Lawani buries father weeks after her controversial nun outfit

Nigerian top designer, Toyin Lawani, has laid her father to rest a day after he passed away. Her dad was buried according to Islamic rite in Lagos state.

Taking to her Instagram page a day ago, Toyin announced to her fans that her father has passed away. She wrote: "I keep saying this every day because atimes the world don’t know a lot of peoples struggle because we keep it private and show our strong side to inspire people , you will be shocked to know what some people are going through and they smile and laugh at you daily , life is too short ,live it , yesterday you will be young and strong , the way time flies , it will be tomorrow already and you will be old and weak , Live your life to the fullest, live it for you not people , cause when you go they won’t go with you, everyone has a journey they need to embark on and alone , only him Who gives can take anytime, you can’t Question God , share moments with your loved ones and show them you care and love them , cause tomorrow is not promised only today we know , judge less , Be prayerful and Be kind to people , On the last day Your Kindness won’t fail you. 
He Just took his last breathe in front of me just like that , Rip Dad , The most Prayerful man I know . everyone stay protected."

A few weeks ago in March, Toyin Lawani was dragged for her controversial nun outfit she wore for #TheProphetess movie premiere. Taking to her Instagram page yesterday, she shared a video from her father's burial. She wrote: "Thanks to everyone who stood by me and showed up regardless of the fact that I didn’t invite anyone , due to the timing and me running around since morning, haven’t slept since we lost him midnight till now , Godbless you all , my fam @kingkongenergydrink and my brand manager @afriquechique I can’t even say thank you enough, haven’t had a phone all day but was surprised when I saw them and they didn’t leave my side since morning till late. 
We Thank God man no be God."

Video below:

source https://www.kossyderrickent.com/2021/04/video-toyin-lawani-buries-father-weeks.html

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