The Beauty Of Intentional Living: 5 Tips For Living An Intentional Life

We live in a world where we recieve unpleasant comments from people hiding behind the anonymity of social media on a daily basis, making us feel less than we are. It's our duty to hand pick what we pay attention to.

Being intentional about our lives and actions will lead to joy and significance.It helps us to discover our significance and motivates us to take actions neccessary to achieve our goals.

Wishing for things to change wouldn't make them change.Waiting and hoping for improvements wouldn't bring them.

Dreaming wouldn't provide the solutions needed. Visualising isn't enough to bring my dreams to reality.

Only by transitioning my thoughts from desires to actions would i be able to bring about  positive change.

There are various ways to live an intentional life.

1. Be Time Conscious

Time is our most precious asset. Paying attention to how we spend our day and looking for ways to be more productive, will lead to intentionality.

2. Arrange Your Home

Re-arranging and spacing out your home will remove negative energy. Practise your hygiene, remove unwanted objects from the house, keep it neat and simple.

3. Spending Wisely

Avoid impulse buying. Impulse buying is a term used for buying based on emotions rather than neccessity. Buying things to impress people is an attribute of people who have no plans for themselves. Another way to avoid overspending is , making payement with the cash method. Carrying around plastic cards will make it easier to impulse buy.

Don't buy things that are too expensive, if  you can't afford to buy it three times, you can't afford it.

4. Habit of Gratitude

Be grateful and thankful for the life, experiences, people and opportunities you have.

5.Self Care

Meditation, exercise, eating habits and alone time.

Practising good eating habit requires a level of discipline especially if you're a junk addict.

The food we eat becomes a part of us,eating more of fruits and veggies will boost the immune system and increase productivity.

Meditation is one of the ways to shut out the noise around us and look within. Meditation balances the energy in our body, leaving us with a clear mind.

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